The Anger Mart

I stopped by the Anger Mart
to pick up some things
to be upset about.

Their illegal immigration
is always fresh
but it’s laced with hatred
and you’ve got to watch
your compassion these days;
to me
it’s not worth it.

My friends
are still raving about the oil spill
so I grabbed a couple cans
of the BP.

I got some personal gripes,
picked up
a box of Tea Party,
some Sarah Palin stew,

and was ready to go.

On the way to check out
I noticed
some deaths in Afghanistan
there in the middle aisle.

For fatalities
they seemed underpriced
and the label told me why:
“All Civilians”
right there in fine print.

So I passed them by
and headed on over
to the Sorrow Store.


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