What To Say At My Funeral

Say I was a good guy
but no one should cry –
I wasn’t that good.

Never saved any lives
but I served my country
as a conscientious objector,
lobbied against hunger…

So go ahead and say
I was a pretty nice guy
and doggone it, people liked me –

that’s a quote
from Saturday Night live.
You can ask my ex-wife,
she’ll remember.

Could have been a better father,
just ask my daughter…

But keep things upbeat:
it’s my big day,
the last one I’ll ever have.

Play a Hendrix riff
for my brother Chris –
the one who got cancer
at forty one.. .

Give thanks for my parents
and ask my brother Burbs
to say a few words –
something funny
if he doesn’t mind.

Let the dress code
be casual on this day,
you have it in writing
i wanted it that way.

As for religion
let the chips
of eternity
fall where they may

and to sum it all up
you could just say –

Here lies ken…
he did what he could;
he tried to be kind.

When it’s over
celebrate my life
with a glass of wine –

I prefer a Reisling


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