Zen Mind

Keep your mind clean and fresh,
free from the knowledge
 and habits of the expert
when approaching a task

As fine a spin
on ignorance
as I have ever heard

which I hope
will help me now
as I try to fix this toilet

on the number “2”
in sitting meditation

I ask the universe
for instruction
about the inner workings
of the flushing system.

Tiny people
holding signs
float in little boats
across my mind

but I have misplaced
my glasses
and cannot  read them.

By now I have decided
my higher path is to call
a plumber

and when he arrives
I ask with compassion
if he is fully present
and aware

of what we have  agreed
concerning his fee:

fifteen dollars plus
a lesson on breathing.

Storming out the door
with unenlightened anger
he leaves me

in the here and now
with a mop in my hand
and a flood of negative energy

on the floor.


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