Anger Ants

These pests

can invade your home
when you least expect it.

Keep counters and floors

free of Self-Righteous Sugar

and avoid the following foods:

Butternut Blame Bars
Malicious Molasses
Outrage Apples
Jealousy Beans
Gossiping Gumballs
Chocolate Covered Put-on Pony
Holier Than Thou Syrup
on Pettiness pancakes 
Frosted Phony Flakes 

and last but not least:  Defensive Donuts.

Stay away

from the Beat Yourself Up


And remember

ants love these –

Why Me Wine
Single-Out Scotch
and Bully Beer.

Use honest emotions regularly on the floors

and rid your home of anything with fear:

the ants will soon disappear.


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