Bright Stars 5

A few from Bright Stars 5 published by M. Kei in 2014:

that man
in camouflage
how young he looks…
how old

riding my new bike
down the hill…
a barbed-wire fence
teaches me a lesson
I’ve tried to unlearn

this email
rewritten, revised
twenty times…
I find another clump
in the litter box

fifty miles
Into our trip
on a toll road
I ask
did we check the stove?

my grandson
prancing around the room
naked –
too young to know
the meaning of shame


Bright Stars 3

These are from Bright Stars 3  published in 2014 by M. Kei:

a turtle
trapped inside a tank
my father’s face
against the glass
of this world

by the sound
of a screech owl
my stomach answers
with its own deep cries

with shotguns hung
from their shoulders
pointed like penises
at the ground

the cats
looking puzzled
as I enter
a deeper silence
when you’re gone

through the end
of a tunnel—
cracks on the walls
and a long way to go


security guard

three from Prune Juice:
security guard
asks about my travel plans
watching my face
while the answer walks
through an x-ray machine

her car and mine
joined by jumper cables…
sparks flying

tiny café –
even in the men’s room
the toilet seat down

~~Prune Juice Jul 2012~~